Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A list of many reasons why Hong Kong sucks

I've moved to Hong Kong a couple of years ago to attend a "higher education insistution". I know what all these noobs will be wanting to say, those noobs that actually like or even LOVE this place is "Why don't you leave la?". I've read and heard this response from so many people who voiced their opinion on this subject on forums online and this response just makes me mad. It makes me mad because, it not only reflects the attitude and culture I hate so much but also the fact that not everybody CAN just leave! 

There are certain things one can read up on before relocating somewhere but certain, social aspects are often either too dynamic or vague to actually put in some sort of article. Actually I don't know why I can't find inforamtion online on what I am now writing about. Well this is what I'm doing here and I hope for everyone who is thinking about moving to Hong Kong to have a chance to read this BEFORE they decide to come here, hate it, are obliged to stay for a while because of a job or education program, and WORST of ALL to hear "Why don't you leave la?" when you CAN'T!!!

Alright, so much for the intro, I'm not quite sure where to start so I just made a simple list of things that immediately popped into my head. NO, it's not just me who thinks this, there are tons of other people I talked to this about and they all agreed, so screw you whoever disagrees with this BECAUSE it's not just me (maybe later I'll install one of those voting thingies to prove my point and YES we'll seperate the votes from people from Hong Kong and elsewhere, I will explain why this would be the case, later).

These are not (yet) in order of crappyness so feel free to judge which one you most agree on or find most terrible therefore feel sorry for the people that live here:

1) Property Prices
Guess how much the rent is for a small apartment per month. Let's say it is not right in the CBD and not even on the Island which is the most expensive. And let's say it is small, because what Westerners call small is called HUGE here. 
I searched for a flat in TST to give an example (this is the cheapest I could find!):

Size and Layout
400 sq.ft.
1 Bedrooms(s), including Ensuite 1 Bathrooms
Combined Living and Dining Room
- It looks out to the other buildings at a comfortable distance.
Internal Condition
- Well-positioned windows brighten the living and dining room. - Efficient layout allows for an optimal arrangement of furniture. - Humble kitchen with basic fittings yet practical enough o satisfy the daily needs of a normal family. - Relatively small bathroom is clean and in good condition.
Asking monthly Rental
HK$ 8,800 inclusive

Do you know what is the average starting salary for a university graduate here? -13,000HKD That means that you will most likely be sharing a flat with someone after you've finally graduated and are entering the period of independence and self realization. Space is truly a luxury here. Don't even get me started on the topic of public spaces in this city.

Granted, other metropolises are expensive too, NYC, London but at least they don't have all this other crap listed below which would make the price bearable.

2) People

3) Culture
School/Study Culture
Work/Job Culture

4) Nightlife
LKF and Wanchai
Cover Prices
Drink Prices
ID cards
Big Events

5) Higher Education
No Critical Thinking
No questions asked in class
The atmosphere of competition

6) Jobs
Getting a job
Working Hours
Types of Jobs

7) Work Hard "Play Hard"
Work hard as hell
Play Hard means to spend money on shopping and doing karaoke without drinking
Oh and no bar or club visits really

8) Women and Sex
They really love money
Are not that smart
Difficult, near to impossible to have a relationship with
Can't talk about intellectually stimulating topics

Hong Kong is one of the most capitalist societies in the world, which may actually be the whole reason for its extreme shittyness.  Let me elaborate: